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This is Us
Founded in 2009, Fauns is an immersive, animation and vfx studio based in Lyon, France. We create amazing stories, from concept or character arts to animation, rigs, compositing or scripts.
The studio boasts a cozy atmosphere in the heart of Lyon, right between two rivers. When we're not working on our projects we enjoy eating cakes, playing boardgames or having casual chats. Did we mention we loved cakes? Of course we did. Twice.
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See our next plans
  • Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market (MIFA)
    10/06 to 15/06   |   Annecy, FRANCE
  • Festival Lumière 2019
    19/10 to 27/10  
     |   Lyon, FRANCE

Meet the team

Learn our darket secrets!
Raphaël Penasa
CEO, Creative Director

Coffee-fueled brilliant mind. Favorite activity: running from one appointment to the next.

Flore Poinsard
CEO, Managing Director

Managing stuff like there's no tomorrow. Also, best fighter of the whole studio.

Dominique Peyronnet
VR Project Director

Dominique is the best of two worlds: she's both a perfectionist and someone who gets things done.

Roxanne Forestier
Production Manager

We blame her for the projects that finish on schedule.

Daniel Balage
Art Director

We would call him Doctor Color or Sir Palette, but he just goes by the name of Dan. How disappointing!

Gaël Chaize
Head of 3D

Gaël can model, animate, integrate, and play ukulele.

Josselin Authelet
Lead Animator

Changes everyone's skeleton. Then turns all those grey things into perfect puppets.

Vincent Dudouet
VFX Supervisor

There’s so many pages in Vincent’s CV that he can fan the entire studio with it during Lyon’s horrendous dog days.

Gabriel Bonnefond
Unity Lead

A problem-solver so efficient he's never actually seen one.

Mathieu Rivero
Writing Coordinator

Language Swiss-army knife. Likes weird words such as 'gules', 'orrery' or 'zetetic'.

Dalil Boudaoud
Motion & Graphic Designer

Master of graphic layout. Also proud rice cracker addict.

Alec Veniel
Character Designer

Alec turns ideas into doodles. And we call his doodles amazing art (which he never believes).

François Grosbellet
Head of R&D

Is trying to equate fiction and code. And he's making that all too real.

Damien Godde
IT Tech

Damien never allows computers to break in front of him. Else... he's going to de-break them. Fast.

Romain Maurizot
Intern Developer

Romain creates sand castles with tabbouleh at lunch. During the rest of the workday, he writes code.

Quentin Auffret
Intern Developer

Collects loyalty cards as if they were pokemon. Syntax is his friend and binary, his mother tongue.

Pierre Frécon

The (tenor) voice of reason. He wears the studio's colors. Hopefully it's not teal and orange!

Maria Guittier
Administrative Assistant

When Maria isn't shamelessly drinking Americanos, she does wonders with paperwork.

Julien Jacquemond
Management Accountant

Julien is a number-whisperer. He makes numbers sing the right note for everyone.

Margaux Saly
Community Manager

Margaux is not a bot, but is as efficient as one. #happyemoji