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Our skills
Fauns is home to a lot of talented artists, ranging from art director to animator, rigger and 3D specialists. We pride ourselves in working together and in mastering every single link of the production chain, and are able to push a whole project forward from start to finish, while keeping quality at its absolute peak!
Art Direction

We believe a good story is told through unified art forms. This is why we need art directors on projects. They allow the development of a vision in a cohesive form, from the earliest ideas to its latest iterations, and they always prove they are critical in a project’s life. We can provide art direction for your projects, from the concepts and key characters to the finer developments.

Highlighted projects: A Giant Mistake, Asphalt

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Visual Effects

The studio excels in visual concepts, from writing to post-production, crafting the broad strokes as well as the tiniest of details. We produce photorealistic CGI for film and documentary that can be seen in international television. For that matter, we put a lot of attention in minutiae, from modelling space shifts to creating smoke or lightning.  Because we care about cohesion, working hand in hand with the animation team is essential. 

Highlighted projects: Living UniverseMysteries of the Giants 

Watch our VFX demo reel
Virtual / Augmented Reality

From the beginning, the team at Fauns took VR as a new way to tell stories. Tthat end, we chose to work mainly on narrative virtual reality rather than the interactive kind, because we wanted to focus more on emotion and visual concept.  VR is also a fun storytelling devicwhere scale and staging can be warped to achieve breathtaking views. One of the challenges of VR is tellina story while allowing the audience to have control over the camera. Working with Unity and its community gives us the opportunity to face a lot of technical difficulties. These challenges are a token of how interesting VR is (working in 360°, putting details in spatialized sound and depth). 

Highlighted projects: BattleScarA Giant Mistake  

Watch our VR / AR demo reel


From the storyboarding to the layout, then to the final version: animation is part of the studio’s top skills. Working with different styles (realistic, cartoon-ish or the best of both worlds), our team puts a lot of effort in finding the perfect artistic direction for their projects. It’s all about timing and rhythm, weight and balance. Coming from videogame animation, our team is able to work with motion capture and performance capture, as it is becoming more and more common in this field. This is also why VR gives us plenty of fun challenges to overcome!

Highlighted projects: Mysteries of the Giants, Living Universe 

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Research & Development

Fauns is building a research lab dedicated to innovative technologies. We create new tools in order to connect applications, optimize workflows, and find solutions for efficient transmedia storytelling. At the moment, R&D focuses on digital comics, interactive narration, and transmedia storytelling monetization. The studio also envisions an approach that will close the gap between precomputed and real-time rendering, allowing us to use the best of both worlds in our productions.

Highlighted projects: Living Universe, BattleScar, Carbone

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At its core, Fauns is all about telling stories, whatever the medium. We design stories, from the beginning to the end. We can provide art direction, character research, concept artsbuild wide and intricate worlds, write scripts anfiction. Storytelling is the art of creating a vision and then channeling creativity to convey this vision in its best shape for its medium. 

Highlighted projectsCarbone, A Giant Mistake

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We recently decided that a fresh mook project like Carbone was necessaryPop culture is a fuel for creators, and having a place to experience this pop culture both in analysis and fiction felt great. From the coordination of huge projects to the direction of artists, novelists and journalists, we strive for excellence. We work with seasoned professionals to achieve beautiful books. More on that on the Carbone website!

Highlighted projects: Carbone, Book covers for Éditions Mnémos