Episode 1 – Vision (Dev Diary: A Giant Mistake)

Here’s the beginning of a series of articles about a project in virtual reality that our studio developed internally. Each of these articles is going to focus on a specific task in the process. First and foremost, we need to talk about the vision behind A Giant’s Mistake. Fauns’ CEO Raphaël Penasa has stepped forward and has given the team this project to develop. 

[eltd_blockquote text= »The idea originated from a prolonged study of what people did in VR. I found a lot of things that tied to the documentary genre. I like genre fiction: science-fiction, fantasy and the like, because it deals with the world I experience in a more palatable way. This is why I keep reading it: it allows me to tackle difficult issues head on. With A Giant’s Mistake, I wanted to mash certain of our universes up, especially one of them that revolves around the urban fantasy genre. That way, I could talk about a subject that moves me – transidentity. But not in the adult way; the adult knows about it, is conscious of it. Children, however, have no words for it, there’s a dulled yet powerful thing that one may perceive between the age of ten and twelve. How do you tell a story about that, then? Do people listen to you, or don’t they? Can you trust people around you, even if they can betray you? A Giant’s Mistake is all about scale. It tells the story of a very little soul that is poured into a role which is bigger than them. Try picturing a 9-year old Roman emperor in charge of all its empire, but who is utterly unable to take responsibility for his own actions, who realizes it two years later and tries to address this issue only to get assassinated in the aftermath. Kids are far from being stupid, they understand and process things. So, how would you imagine that story, years later, when said child has had the time to sort things out? »]

A Giant’s Mistake is 100 % produced by the studio. Learn more about here.